Careful in weighing yourself after a bad day!

We often are advised to weigh ourselves everyday to get trends and an average for the week to monitor our progress.

However, there are so many internal and external variables that can affect our daily weight!

Our body can be temporarily heavier and it’ll mess us up, thinking we were making progress but an extra pound suddenly comes into view.

Weighing every day is best done when everything is on track; consistent training everyday with not much variables affecting you.

But, with the lives that we live – family, jobs, social life, personal problems, health problems – this “utopian” lifestyle of being 100% consistent is quite impossible sometimes.

Here’s a short list of things that can affect our daily weight:

– Lack of sleep

– Stress

– Irregular bowel movement

– Certain part of the menstruation cycle

– Hydration

– Illness

– Higher salt intake

– Food intake the day before (volume, amount of fiber, amount of sweets etc.)

– Different weighing time

This list can go on and on and on.

So, when it’s obvious that there are so many external or internal factors affecting you, don’t weigh yourself since you won’t even get your true weight.

The resulting numbers might just mess up with your drive and confidence which might lead to a cascade of bad days.

It’s not just the food intake that makes us gain weight! There’s a lot of factors in there.

Let’s take note that overeating by 3,500 calories can only put on 1lb of fat in our body, and this will actually take 14 snicker bars, 7 large fries, or 7 big macs to achieve!

It’s quite impossible to achieve this in a day. Hence skipping a day or two in weighing won’t affect your journey too much.

Skip the bad day and let yourself get back on track first.

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