Remember that craze fueled by celebrities with their “sugar-free” recipes?

The craze involved imposing the superiority of ‘natural sugar’ over white sugar.

The recipes I mentioned, curated by these celebrities, had honey, agave, dried fruits, etc. in it. Well, they all sound fancy. Must be good, right?

But, let’s talk about sugar first. Do you really think white sugar is the devil of all fitness journeys? No, it isn’t!

Let’s establish this: sugar is sugar!

Stop demonizing white sugar and stop over-hyping these overpriced ‘natural sugar’!

Table sugar (white sugar) is cane sugar; it came from sugar cane or beets, naturally grown in soil (obviously, since it’s a plant).

Hence, white sugar is as natural as the other sources of sugar like the fancy agave nectar, date syrup, sugar cubes, brown sugar and so on.

Do you get it now? If you want to eat sugar or include it in your meal, you can put in white sugar too!

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