No need to purchase anything at Shen Fitness!

Many people became uninterested in personal training because of deceitful marketing strategies of most fitness and health companies. 

Most of these companies tend to sell supplements first rather than giving exactly what the customer wants and needs. 

With us at Shen Fitness, you don’t need to buy any product or supplements. When we talk about getting fitter or losing weight, taking supplements will usually never be the main priority. 

When it comes to taking care of general health and special circumstances, we would only ever recommend that you take protein powder if you do not eat enough protein, Vitamin D3 for immunity and muscle function if you do not get enough sunlight every day and fish oil for cardiovascular health in case you do not consume enough oily fish. 

Taking these three will not cost you more than $50 every couple months.

However, supplement consumption is not the key to getting fit. Remember that 9.9 out of 10 supplements that you see around has little to no approved scientific claims. It is sold because of the alluring marketing campaign that they instill in people‚Äôs mind that they can deliver an outstanding result when consumed. 

Try checking out if you happen to be unsure of a supplement and what it claims to deliver.

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