Don’t be a star in any of those “Gym Fail” posts.

We’ve all seen those kinds of bloopers in the gym, circulating around social media: people falling off treadmills, people doing weird forms during exercises, or using a machine in the wrong way.

I’m aware that you are less likely to do anything along those lines since you got us to help you do everything the right way, but there is still one thing that you could do that shouldn’t be done. What is it? Well, it’s half reps!

Please do not do half reps just to be able to lift a weight that’s obviously too heavy for you! This is mostly observed with men, but some women are doing these too.

Half reps are indication that you’ve selected the wrong weight, and this would just waste your time and energy.

Although, yes, some arguments are out there for doing partial range of motions, but it is only for strategies like pin squats or floor presses.

But really, in all honesty, how frequent do people do a pin squat? Yep. Most are just half-assing it.

You have to use full range motions as much as possible because not only will it give you better muscle build in a faster rate, but it will lessen the risk of injury during workouts. Do it with dumbbells, barbells, cables, machines, etc. and you’ll see better results.

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