Coaches should care about the general well-being of their clients. However, some coaches only consider physical fitness with regards to their client’s well-being, often disregarding mental health and other related health improvements.

These coaches focus mainly on the obvious benefits of exercise: fat loss, body toning, and/or muscle building.

Prevention of diseases, regulation of sleeping pattern, production of serotonin, reduction of anxiety/stress, and many more less obvious effects are usually neglected.

Sadly, an elitist view seem to predominate among coaches; if you’re not training for improvement of physique or performance, then you’re just wasting your time.

Success in fitness programs is often only measured on how much their physique improved, and not on whether they felt better after each workout or their overall health improvement.

These coaches usually belittle people with no apparent physique or performance improvement, labeling them as mediocre.

This results to underappreciation for those who go to gym for the sake of feeling satisfaction after completing their training regimen or just to reduce stress and focus their pent up energy on doing exercise.

This type of coach tends to rant about their clients “not getting it” or “likes to be mediocre at best” just because their clients don’t want to focus on physique or performance.

If you noticed, there are so many talented and competent coaches out there who have clients with less noticeable improvements but this doesn’t mean all their hard work is put to waste; they’re indeed healthier mentally and physically compared to when they first started.

Whether we can see this or not with our own eyes does not dictate the achievement of a goal or progress.

No matter how insignificant a goal might be to the eyes of others – whether it’s staying active, improving for a healthier body against diseases, stress or anxiety release, enjoying a previously challenging workout – a coach should not belittle, but instead, should encourage their clients and help them achieve each milestone!

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