What we say about ourselves is what we turn into.

If you keep on thinking/saying to yourself that you can’t be active, fit, productive, or that you’re worthless, not sporty, not deserving – all of these negative things will morph into your truth.

This is not because it’s what you really are, but because you’ll restrict yourself, letting these words bind you, and never really try.

If you continue to give up and settle for not moving forward, then you’ll be stuck there forever.

However, if you conquer all your demons and learn how to walk pass them, then you’ll push through!

So what if you think you can’t lift that weights or run that mile? If you choose to try, then you might be able to!

Don’t end a fitness/transformation journey before it even starts by bullying yourself with negativity.

Indeed, it is easier to walk down the stairs than to climb up, but if you keep on pushing through, you’ll get to your destination!

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