Today, let’s reveal a big thing.

Foods you should eat for a shortcut to fitness!—is this what you’re looking for? Sorry but there’s no such thing. But something essential for fitness really is going to be revealed.

There is no shortcut for a real fitness journey. There’s no best/worst food for burning fat or toning that body. The only exception to this is food intolerances, allergies or other issues like Crohn’s or IBS.

But for a shortcut or magical way of losing extra pounds? Nope, there’s none. There’s no such thing as food best suited for your genetic makeup, body type, or personality. All of those are BS.

The only thing that’s real and matters to get a fit and healthier body, is doing the basics.

So now, let’s go down to the real business. Here’s a list of five things that matters the most:

Everyday, do activities that could amp up your heartbeat. Even the simplest things could work: walk, do household chores, jog, play with your dog, etc. Just avoid leading a sedentary life! Instead of lounging on your couch, go out and walk your pet or just walk around the block. Keep your blood running!

Don’t eat more and don’t eat less. Eat the right amount and portions of food for your body, and now the difference between eating until you’re full and eating until you can’t breathe. Also, avoid turning into food for stress-relievers.

A series of good works is better than just one: don’t settle for having one ‘best’ day in a week full of bad days, but rather, work on getting all 7 ‘good’ days in a week! Consistency is the best tool for everything, may it be in exercise, eating healthy, etc.This will help you build structure and habit.

– If you’re going to work out and train your body, make it count: lift weights, do intervals, etc. Don’t settle for just being able to do it; do it properly.

This is probably the simplest thing to do, but for most, it’s the hardest one to follow. If you know you’re drinking too much of your favorite scotch, beer, or wine—3 tall glasses instead of one every evening—then cut your intake back into the proper amount. Know your limits and discipline yourself.

Don’t rely on farce magic diets, creams, or tea. Do the basics which are all tested and proven. You can’t go wrong with the basics, after all.

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